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Marine Biotechnology R&D Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Update time: 2013-10-18
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  Marine Biotech R & D Center, founded in 1998, is designated to meet the demand for high tech applicable to marine biological resource exploitation. This move is part of the operation of Knowledge Innovation Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Research aspects cover algal sciences and biotechnology, enhanced and aquaculture biotechnology in marine mollusks and fish, aquatic animal nutrition and feeds manufacture tech, bio-pharmaceutics and bio-products development, and marine environmental friendly chemistry. Funding has been approved from National High Tech R & D Program (863 Program), National Basic Research Program (973 program), Natural Science Foundation of China. Marine Aquacultural Animal Genetics and Breeding has been enrolled in the list of Taishan Scholars Project. Sophisticated facilities have been equipped, including laboratories, hatcheries and collaborative companies.

  Leading achievements have been made in genetic improvement and breeding in molluscs, high efficiency formula feed for aquacultural animals, cultivation of micro-algae on a large scale and utilization of bioactive materials from kelps. First genetically improved molluscan variety, “Dalian No. 1” Pacific abalone hybrid, has attained annual production value of over 2 billion RMB. New variety of the bay scallop, “Zhongkehong” has been developed following the introduction of this species and accounted for more than 50 percent in the aquaculture industry. Systematic theoretic and technical system for molluscan breeding has been set up with international recognized accomplishment of the bay scallop genetics and breeding. A novel three-phase protocol for Manila clam farming has been developed resulting in hatchery production of healthy seeds on large scale and secure and efficient farming on sea area with 1 billion RMB of annual production value. Progress has also been made in development of aquacultural fish varieties. The first marine drug for treatment of kidney failure, FPS, has been developed and commercialized, along with 2 New Chinese Medicine (Class II) Certificates. A series of innovation have been made with regard to marine biological resource exploitation and agriculture. A new bio-product, Nongle No. 1, new type of algal fertilizer, multiple effect nutriment, marine biological tobacco product, biological pesticide, Hailiyuan, have been developed and commercialized. Over 20 patents have been issued by China with 50 more for pending, along with 5 patents granted by PCT contracted states. 2 national (both second prize) and 6 provincial (2 for first prize and 4 for second prize) awards on science and technology advance has given to the mollusk research group. The amount of money for contract of technology transfer has reached more than 30 million RMB, bring economic benefit of over billions RMB for enterprises and societies.

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