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Center for Marine Corrosion & Protection
Update time: 2009-09-28
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     Center for Marine Corrosion & Protection ratified by the Ministry of Science and Technology was established by Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Corrosion and Bio-fouling, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011. The center aims at corrosion and biofouling problems in marine environment, studies the corrosion mechanism of marine engineering materials in five different corrosion zones (marine atmosphere zone, splash zone, tidal zone, immersion zone, and sea mud zone), reveals the corrosion mechanism induced by microbial adhesion, and develops the integrated marine corrosion protection technology including the corrosion protection technique for the steel structure in splash zone, the corrosion protection and reinforced technique for marine concrete structure, cathodic protection and corrosion monitoring technique, the detection technique for marine microorganisms, and the anti-biofouling technique. The center has strong scientific research power and obtained national key technology R&D program, ocean public welfare scientific research project, State Oceanic Administration, national 863 high-tech development project, CNOOC project, national science foundation of China, etc. 70 items. Research has made a number of scientific results and won national and provincial level awards more than 10 items; including one national scientific and technological progress second prize and eight rewards of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the provincial, department (commissions) upwards second prize. The center has published nine monographs, six conference proceedings, more than 100 SCI/EI articles in recent 5 years, and applied 69 patents.

     The center has done a lot of pioneering and fundamental work in a variety of marine steel facilities, including oil platforms, marine reinforced concrete terminals and other areas of corrosion and protection, proposed the concept of "marine corrosive environment", and developed new theories and new technologies on corrosion protection of marine steel structure facilities. The center has made a series of important achievements in marine corrosion and protection areas and made a remarkable contribution for the national marine corrosion protection technology development. Meanwhile, the center focus on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and has achieved good results to save huge economic loss for our country.

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