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Continental Geology, Resources, and Environmental Impact
Update time: 2009-09-02
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  Key Laboratory of Marine Geology and Environment, CAS, concentrates on continental geology and resources; record of global changes from marine sediments and sedimentation; deep sea exploration in geology and biology; lithosphere dynamics in continental margins and deep geological processes; deep water hydrocarbon potentials; the West Pacific Boundary Current and its response and evolution to global changes; formation of sediment diffusion system; submarine hydro-thermal (cold spring) systems; geo-microbiology; and deep marine detection technology. For years, the laboratory led and undertook successively many major national key projects including “973 Project” and “863 Project” which established its leading position in the fields of western Pacific and marginal sedimentary system research in China; geology of continental margin; paleo-oceanography, and so on. The outcomes of these research projects have resulted in a number of significant achievements and discoveries including the sources and transport of sediment and geochemical processes along the continental shelve of East China Sea; Sedimentation and geochemical modeling for the Yellow Sea and East China Sea; paleo-environment in Okinawa Trough and adjacent areas; and methodology of seismological and other geophysical investigations on the formation of western Pacific trench-arc-basin system. These achievements promoted Chinese marine geological research with unique regional feature and international impact.

Formation of submarine native sulphur chimney Profile of wave impedance and free gas saturation in hydrate.RSR and diaper distribution in the South China Sea and the East China Sea
Sample of submarine hydrothermal sulfide collected in the first deep-sea investigation by China Sample of cupreous chloride chimney collected in the Atlantic
The first gas-hydrate sample of China Research on deep-sea microorganisms diversity
Discovery of cold-seep in bottom of the East China Sea Study on paleo-oceanography of tropical western Pacific


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