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Institute of Oceanology’s First Meeting of the International Scientific Advisory Board
Update time: 2015-12-21
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Institute of Oceanology’s First Meeting of the International Scientific Advisory Board was held in Qingdao, Dec 14-16 2015. We have invited 14 world-class scientists from America, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, United Kingdom to be the Scientific Advisory Board members of IOCAS.


On Dec14th, Prof. Ed Hill (Executive Director of National Oceanology Centre, Southampton, UK), Prof. John GUNN (CEO of Australian Institute of Marine Science), Prof. Andrey ADRIANOV (Director of Institute of Marine Biology FEB RAS), Prof. Anthony KNAP (Professor of Texas A&M University, USA) and Prof. Song SUN (Director of IOCAS) delived the invited lecutres "National Oceanology Centre-an Overview", "Australia's National Marine Science Plan and AIMS' Strategic Directions", "New Scientific Directions in the Institute of Marine Biology FEB RAS", "The importance of Sustained Ocean Measurements" and "From Coast to the Deep Bule: Research Strategy of IOCAS" respectively.

The Board members visited IOCAS West Coast Campus, Qingdao West Coast New Area Exhibition Hall, Guzhenkou Port and Mingyue Seaweed Company on the next meeting day.

On the last day, the leader of each Key Lab reported their new research progress to the International Scientific Advisory Board members and discussed on the common research issues.


Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is facing international frontiers of marine science and technology, state strategic needs and national economy, is committed to a comprehensive marine science basic research and technology development, based on the offshore environmental evolution and the sustainable utilization of biological resources theory innovation and the key technology of integrated cross and system integration, expanding the pilot study of deep-sea environment and strategic resources. It has achieved the international influence of systemic and original achievements, and has made a significant contribution to the national economic construction, national security and Marine science and technology innovative development, which plays an irreplaceable role in Marine science and technology of our country.

During China’s 13th plan of five - year national development period (2016-2020), the Institute of Oceanology will be in accordance with the " plan the land and the sea together, plan coastal waters and deep ocean together and plan science, technology and social development all together as a whole" development idea, focus on the offshore environment, deep ocean, Marine life those three areas, make the construction of Marine observation detection system and Marine large data center two comprehensive supporting systems, building open sharing, world first-class Marine scientific research innovation platform.

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