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Marine Biotechnology R&D, Hitech Application and development
Update time: 2009-09-02
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  The R&D Center of Marine Biotechnology aims to build up a high technology platform for the demand in biotechnology from mariculture industries in China. It serves to solve bottleneck problems in strain breeding and environment control for healthy cultures of shellfish, fish, shrimp, algae etc; marine pharmaceutical R&D; marine bio-resources and the agricultural application; disease control and feed formulation; and mariculture environmental protection. The center led and undertook many national backbone projects including “973 Project”, “863 Project” and others. National and international level achievements have been made in the fields of animal genetic breeding, strain cultivation, and aquaculture technology; R&D on all-in-one microparticulated diet; large-scale microalgae cultivation; and bio-active materials utilization. In addition, the center has implemented key technology for strain preservation. The “Dalian-I” hybrid abalone has won nation’s certificate of new marine cultural breed. A “three-step” system was created for quality Ruditapes philippinarum cultivation. The “Nongle-I” marine bio-matter-yield pesticide has been promoted widely in China. Fucoidan (FPS) and Hai Kun Sheng Xi Capsule and other 2 have been certificated as new drugs by the State Food and Drug Administration of China. The outstanding performance marked China with leading roles in the fields of marine bio-chemical R&D and high-value-added marine algae economy, promoting marine industry in a sustainable growth with remarkable economic and social benefits.

“Dalian-I” hybrid abalone variety New drug Hai Kun Shen Xi capsule made from kelp



  Successful introduction and artificial breeding of American shrimp, Penaeus vannamei in 1986

Fish mariculture for Oplegnathus fasciatus
“Zhongkhong”, a new variety of Bay Scallop New strain of Manila clam, Ruditapes philippinarum, “Zebra Clam”
Marine-derived diets for aquatic culture Kelp breed
“Nongle-I”, a pesticide made from marine bio-substance Seaweed fertilizer
Biochemistry product for aquaculture Briny ecotypic agriculfure
Porphyra seedling and industrialization  


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