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  Key Laboratory of Marine Ecology and Environmental Sciences, CAS, focuses on issues of key processes in biological production and bio-geochemistry in marine ecosystems, and on impact of environmental changes on marine ecosystems. Projects conducted including the community composition and quantity variation of phytoplankton, zooplankton, and marine microbe in Chinese coastal waters; species population dynamics, major fishery resources replenishment, roles of marine elements in regulating marine ecosystems, marine carbon bio-chemical cycle, and the role of marine sediment in bio-geochemical recycling; Marine pollution and the impact on coastal environment and ecosystem; harmful algae bloom occurrence and control; mechanism of coastal water eutrophication and treatment; and ecological regulation for mariculture species. The laboratory has undertaken multiple projects of China’s nation-level “973 Project”, “863 Project” and other high level ones; and the only member representing China in the international GEOHAB, SCOR and IOC programs. The participation in these programs has gained international reputation for China in these research fields with great progresses.

Meeting of appreciation on HAB project(part of “973 Project”) HAB in nearshore of China: Ecology, biological mechanism, prediction, and prevention
Sediment sampling during Sino-South Korea Yellow Sea investigation cooperation Biological sampling in the Antarctic
Over-summering strategy of Calanus sinicus Treatment of algae bloom in Xuanwu Lake
High efficiency production in mariculture with computerized digital control
Ecological regulation techniques in mollusk and seaweed polyculture system Antarctic krill samples of antarctic

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