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National Natural Science Fund for Excellent Young Scientists Fund Program (Overseas)

1. Program Introduction 

In order to further improve the talent funding system of the Science Foundation, give full play to the role of the Science Foundation in introducing and cultivating talents, and attract outstanding young talents from overseas to return to China (to work in China), the National Natural Science Foundation of China has set up the National Natural Science Fund for Excellent Young Scientists Fund Program (Overseas) from 2021.

2. Areas of Research 

Recruitment disciplines and research areas include: utilization of marine biological resources, marine ecological models, marine geological processes, marine dynamic processes, ocean multi-sphere interactions, marine big data and artificial intelligence, marine exploration equipment and technology, deep-sea science and technology, polar regions science and technology etc. 

3. Application Conditions 

(1)  Abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, have good scientific ethics, and consciously practice the spirit of scientists in the new era; 

(2)  The date of birth is on or after January 1, 1982; 

(3)  Possess a doctorate degree; 

(4)  The research direction is mainly natural science, engineering technology, etc; 

(5)  Before April 15, 2022, you should generally obtain formal teaching or scientific research positions in overseas universities, scientific research institutions, or enterprise R&D institutions, and have more than 36 consecutive months of work experience; for those who have obtained doctoral degrees overseas and have outstanding achievements, may appropriately reduce the working years requirements; 

(6)  Achieve achievements in scientific research or technology recognized by peer experts, and have the development potential to become academic leaders or outstanding talents in the field; 

(7)  Applicants should not have returned to China (come to China) full-time at the time of application, or returned to China (come to China) to work after January 1, 2021. After being notified of the subsidy, you must resign from overseas work or have no work overseas, and return to China (come to China) full-time for not less than 3 years. 

4. Benefit Package 

(1) Provide financial support of RMB 1-3 million, and the funding period is 3 years; 

(2) Enjoy the scientific research start-up funds (4-9 million yuan renminbi) and 2 million yuan living expenses stipulated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong Province, Qingdao City, research institutes, etc; 

(3) Employed as a researcher position with a very competitive negotiated salary; 

(4) Provide fully furnished apartments for talents that can be directly moved in, and solve the problem of children's schooling; 

(5) For candidates who rely on our application but have not been approved, you can be treated as high-level talents introduced by the research institute after evaluation by the research institute. 

5. Contact Information 

Please send your resume to the contact email address if you are interested in applying. Welcome applicants' field visit to the institute! 

Contact person: Dr. DAI Luping 

Human Resources Dept. IOCAS 


Tel: 0086-532-82898635 

Fax: 0086-532-82898612 

Add: No.7 Nanhai Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China 266071 

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