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Research vessels

  The research vessels and the crews serve the IOCAS with quality marine sampling and data recording technology for scientific research. Currently, IOCAS owns 3 vessels: Kexue-I, Jinxing-II and Kexue-III. These vessels all have the capacity for open ocean expedition and had participated several times in large-scale international comprehensive ocean studies.

In 1224 tonnage for 5000 nautical miles endurance, Kexue-III vessel has been undertaken sharing voyage investigation.
In 3300 tonnage for 8000 nautical miles endurance, Kexue-I has participated many international investigations.
In 1000 tonnage for 3000 nautical miles endurance, Jinxing-II has participated many multidisciplinary near-ocean investigations.
Harbor cities the R/V Kexue-I anchored

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